Title: RE: [ot]how much does datastage and universe differ now

 Well, it's hard to say exactly how much they differ, as I'm not responsible for UV development any longer. 

 Consider, however, that the last release done by myself and the Westboro staff was UV 9.6.2.  This would also include a good bit

of bug-fix work that would have eventually made it into UV 10 as

 But, also consider that UV 10 includes some enhancements, new
bits of functionality (mainly Triggers on base files), and some
bug fixes not to be found in the DS Engine.  There has likewise
been a number of changes to the DS Engine product, but those
enhancements are primarily geared at stability, performance,
 and enterprise deployment. 

So, it probably hasn't really diverged that far, but the impace
to you would depend on what release you are on and if at UV 10,
how much of that functionality you make use of. 

As to DataStage and it's ability to assist with your issues
regarding connectivity and integration of PeopleSoft and SAP
data, DataStage should absolutely be something of great

The best thing to do is talk to a local sales rep to better
assess the details of what you are trying to do.

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Hi David
How much is the universe and datastage products differ.  The other area
I have been quite interested in, is where I have an application that I
want to extract data out of a Peoplsoft or SAP application could I use
the products datastage uses to talk to these applications as part of my
application.  Datastage has some great integration facilities, it could
be a goos source of revenue for Ascential to license some of those
components to U2.
Just some thoughts
David Jordan
Managing Consultant

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