We do something similar, but it involves file transfers from a UNIX server
to a mainframe. Which then transfers the file to yet another mainframe.
Finally, the second mainfame sends it to UNIX server. Don't ask me why! But
there are firewalls, third-party vendors involved, etc., etc.

We create a 80MB sequential file (plus a few small ones) with a UV BASIC

Using a shell script:
- copy the above file, plus some others into a staging directory
- the files are individually compressed using standard UNIX compress (to
keep it simple, the third-party didn't or want to use gzip)
- all the files are archived into a standard 'tar' archive utility - to disk
(again, for simplicity)
- the 'tar' file is then transferred to the mainframe via another external
shell script
- email notifications are sent to end-users to tell them the file was sent
to the third-party
- sequential files are retained, so we can manually do the file transfer
again, if required

Also, the second mainframe (the third-party) sends back an empty ASCII file,
acknowledging receipt of original file. We use this for an audit trail, of

'tar' was used, so we didn't have to do individual file transfers. It was a
vendor requirement to try to keep the files to together.

All of this is triggered from EOM or ad-hoc batch jobs. It works well (err,
okay so it took a while to get it there!).

Hope this helps.


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[UV10/AIX] We have a requirement to output (10MB +/- ascii) data into zipped
files, the files then being put on a web server for collection. I'm just
wondering what the best approach to this might be? How would or have other
people approached this? I'm trying to avoid writing the data until after it
has been zipped.

Rough ideas being...
sh - c 'uv prog | gzip -c9 > file'
Print to a script?
Write to a device (or pipe?)?
Output to a java widget?

Stuart Boydell

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