> If you can, allow the spooler subsystem to do the work.
Cheers Ray, that seems like an efficient way to do it.

> We create a 80MB sequential file (plus a few small ones) with a UV BASIC
Thanks David, I'm thinking something similar but that outputing to a device
or spooler with a processing script might be the way to go for us. I'm
trying to keep the IO to a minimum if possible. At least if the spooler is
doing any it's at a lower (faster?) level than writeseq.

> why the aversion to writing the data to disk?
I don't think there's a need to write it until the data is in its final
shape. The system already has enough IO to deal with and in theory should be
able to keep the data in memory, which may or may not use disk caching, but
which should be a lighter touch on the system.

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