Just to eliminate the obvious:
A) is your file pointer correct in the uvsql account?
B) are there any indexes on the file that may be looking at the wrong
C) are the DATA.30 and OVER.30 files set up with the same permissions? Is
there any chance you might not be seeing the OVER.30? 
D) your UNIX cp included the .Type30 file.

Brian Leach 

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From: "Barry Rogen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2004 07:59:32 -0500
Subject: uvsql

>    Question...
>        I have a file, my live ORDER (type 30) file. Via unix, I copy 
> this file to my test account - copy is fine, all records there - no 
> problem
>        If I take that same file, and move it to my uvsql account, all 
> I get is a fraction of the file. I have tried this twice and got same 
> results.
>       Any ideas why this occurs and how I can get this file into the 
> uvsql directory/account  intact ?
>    All comments appreciated,
> Barry Rogen
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