There are a few modules on Apache that run the asp code. I've tried the
ASP Version 2.53 but haven't worked it particularly hard, it works but
would need a bit more testing to try redback. Would be most interesting
and save having to use IIS with the attendant security issues. 8=)>
Apache runs very well on XP etc. but if you wish to continue to use *nix
then IMHO Apache is the way to go. and search for asp

Apache::ASP     Version 2.53
for Apache 1.3, 2.x     License: GPL
Last Updated June 14th, 2003    Author Josh Chamas
Active Server Pages with perl scripting. Advanced extensions include
extra events, XSLT rendering, output caching, and more.
More info ...

Chili!Soft ASP  Version 3.04
for Apache 1.3.x        License: Commercial Software
Last Updated May 15th, 2000     Author Dave Weaver
Active Server Pages for Apache
More info ...

ModVB   Version alpha
for Apache 1.3  License: GPL/LGPL
Last Updated June 12th, 2003    Author Trinity Bays
ASP/VBScript/JScript for Apache
More info ...

mod_mono        Version 0.3.5
for Apache 2.x  License: Apache License
Last Updated June 13th, 2003    Author Daniel Lopez
Runs ASP.NET pages on Unix with Apache and Mono
More info ...

OpenASP Module  Version 0.1
for Apache 1.3.x        License: Apache License
Last Updated September 01st, 1998       Author Nathan Woods
Open Source implementation of Active Server Pages (ASP)
More info ...


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We learned the hard way that you must have Windows IIS front end for
to run the ASP code.  We are currently converting many green screen
to Redback for a client running on Linux using our tool XLr8.  Response
for this 4 processor system is very good.

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> Is anyone out there using Universe and RedBack on Linux? If so, how's
> performance? For those who are not on Linux, are you considering Linux
> an option for the future?
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