I am running:
UniVerse 10.0.17
Windows 2000 SP 4
Veritas Backup Exec:  Media Server & Admin. Console: Ver 9.00 Rev 4454

My Application Event Log has been showing an unusually high number of
UniVerse errors.  Since I am an end user I can't go directly to IBM and
must go through my VAR.  I placed a call with my VAR and sent them a
text copy of my application event log.  The response was that IBM said I
should uninstall Backup Exec because they have had 250 calls where the
problem with UniVerse was resolved after removing Veritas Backup Exec.

I am stuck between a rock and a hard place now.  IBM says I should
uninstall my backup software.  The administrator that is responsible for
backup systems for our corporation is resistant to allowing me to do
this, however.  He says that we will not uninstall Backup Exec unless
IBM can tell us specifically what the incompatibility is between it and
UniVerse.  The main reasons for his stance are that the event log errors
are all labeled UniVerse errors (none are labeled as Backup Exec errors)
and the errors occur around the clock, not just when Backup Exec is
running.  I had asked my VAR to request specifics regarding the
incompatibility issue from IBM but either they or IBM must have figured
that the numbers spoke for themselves because I was not given a reason.
(or possibly they don't know the reason)

Can anyone out there help me?  
Does anybody know what the incompatibilities are between Veritas Backup
Exec and UniVerse?  

I tend to lean towards following IBM's recommendations but just in
case...  Has anyone found a way to run the two where application event
errors do not occur?

I also requested a recommendation of other backup software from them and
was not given one.  If anyone has a recommendation of UV compatible
backup software that I can run on Windows, I'd appreciate it.  

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!
Gwen Buck
Gaska Tape Inc.

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