First of all, thanks to all who have replied to my post!  I'm attempting
to combine all replies in this one e-mail.

A couple people mentioned alternate backup methods.  One was to do a
uvbackup and run Backup Exec and the other was to backup remotely.
Since IBM does not want Backup Exec to exist on my server, the remote
backup might be a solution.  IBM suggested this but that presents some
bridges that I don't want to cross if I don't have to.

After reading Dennis' post I'm counting my blessing that my server is
not crashing.  I am losing some RF users, however, and I have been
wondering if that problem was somehow related.  For now, I have put a
logout program in place to resolve the dead user the next time the RF
user logs on.  We did have a crash problem when on NT 4.0. Vmark (I
think...or maybe Ardent) had us remove ArcServe and use NTBackup and
that resolved the problem.  

Dennis also mentioned a registry tweak.  I'm guessing that possibly this
is contained in the tech tip that Steve posted.  My tech support is
through Epicor so I will press them a little more on whether/how this
tip applies to Win2K.

Mark mentioned that we should use an OFM (open file manager) with Backup
Exec.  We use the "Advanced Open File Option" which is a companion
product for Backup Exec.

Wol (Anthony?) asked if I'm backing up the UV account.  I am not.  I'm
just backing up user accounts and some additional shared databases that
exist on the same drive.  The whole backup takes less than 45 minutes as
compared to about 6 hours on my old server.  

I appreciate all the help everyone has offered.  I now have some new
avenues to explore!

Thank you!
Gwen Buck
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