Is there any way to directly access information stored in the file header? I
use the information returned by the FILE.USAGE command to determine if a
static file can be archived or if it needs to be checked to see if it needs
to be resized.


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Actually, it was added in during release 7.x of uniVerse to support the SQL
optimizer.  The optimizer used the count to make a determination on how
long it would take to perform certain SQL operations such as outer-joins,
etc, and spit out a warning message something like "It will take 4307 hours
to perform this operation. Do you want to continue?".   At first, only an
unqualified COUNT command (i.e. COUNT FILE) would update this field, but
sometime in early 8.x releases, I added the code into uvbackup/uvrestore so
that it would also update this field.  That was quite a few years ago so I
don't have the exact timeframes, but there ya go....


At 04:54 AM 02/17/2004, Martin Phillips wrote:
>Apologies if I missed anyone already giving this explanation...
> > The other thing, of course, which timestamp? Date modified, or date
> > accessed? Are you sure your client isn't looking at the wrong one?
>UniVerse file system revision 12 which came in at release 9.5 includes a
>count of records in the file header for use by uvbackup and uvrestore.
>is updated by COUNT and by uvbackup itself (perhaps other places too).
>Maybe it's time for another plug for the UniVerse Internals course where
>these things get discussed???
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