Whooops!! You have them all, its the writer that is incorrect. I mentioned field 112, when I actually meant field 84 (FH$BAKCNT)! I guess I wasn't quite paying as much attention to detail as I should. Sorry about that. Field 95 (resize path) should be the last entry (unless IBM added more header stuff, but if they did, they should have updated this function).

Also, please note that the items listed are not necessarily in the order listed; they only reflect provisionally the last file header I re-arranged (which was 9.5). Earlier revisions, 32-bit and 64-bit file have information stored at different physical offset locations within the file header, again as described in documentation I know is out there. As an example, FH$FREECHAIN actually translates to one of the following 3 offset locations:

Pre-rev9.5: offset 16, rev9.5-32bit: offset 28 rev95-64bit: offset 24

The underlaying function for fileinfo() takes care of giving you the correct information based upon a very interesting internal mapping structure (for anyone that cares). Good luck!

At 03:12 PM 02/18/2004, you wrote:
Cool. I found the include file with the following comment:
 * 04/23/99 24742 GMH Add special FINFO$HDRLAYOUT and access keywords ;-)

But my include file only includes keys up to the following line:

I am running 9.6. Were the extra keys added in a later release or do I just
need to search for additional documentation?


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I believe there is. There is a UNIVERSE.INCLUDE file FILEINFO.H which includes a definition of what would be in each dynamic array field when using:


For example if you executed:

FileInfo = FILEINFO(Fvar, 99)

you'd have:

FileInfo<1> = File revision level
FileInfo<2> = Modulus
FileInfo<3> = Separation

The count field updated in the file header would be FileInfo<112>.  Note
that some fields are bitmapped and none of that is detailed.  Each of the
fields makes more sense if you know what actually exists within a universe
file header.  I know there is documentation out there ;-)

At 02:11 PM 02/18/2004, you wrote: >Is there any way to directly access information stored in the file header? I >use the information returned by the FILE.USAGE command to determine if a >static file can be archived or if it needs to be checked to see if it needs >to be resized. > >Vance

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