That is a common issue of comms where the buffer is overflowing.  Check
how the printer is connected, serieal, TCP/IP.  Also check the distance
of the printer from the computer and issues of electrical noise that
could corrupt information going down the line.


David Jordan

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hi ,

a client has reported that they are randomly & infrequently having
characters dropped from print jobs. this recently happened during an
invoice run where a tax value of 1147.90 was printed as 117.90 - the
invoice total printed correctly, the invoice data on file has the
correct value and a reprint shows the correct value.

I am thinking that this is
    - a problem with the printer in question ( i am not yet sure if this
is a single printer issue or not )
    - a problem with a network connection
    - an issue to be raised with either IBM or HP

has anyone seen this happen before ?


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