A common solution I've found is to add more memory to the HP printer(s).
Although it doesn't really remedy the cause it can have a positive impact on
the symptom...memory is cheap, our time isn't.  :-)

Hope this helps.


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> The most common cause of this in my experience is incorrect use of flow
> control with serial printers.
> For the non-techies (are there any on this list?)....  Your UV system can
> probably produce data faster than the printer can handle it so it needs a
> way to say "stop!".  There are fundamentally two techniques in use though
> there are variants.
> The first technique uses one of the wires in the printer cable (DTR - Data
> Terminal Ready), to say stop/go.  The other technique sends a character
> (X-OFF, Ctrl-S) from the printer to the computer to say stop and (X-ON,
> Ctrl-Q) to say go.  (If you've ever wondered why this works on
> most terminal
> output processes, they often do the same).
> If your computer is set up to use DTR but your printer is expecting to use
> X-OFF/X-ON, the system is not going to stop sending data when required and
> you lose characters.  Obviously, the same happens if the settings are the
> other way around too.
> A variation on this which is more difficult to find is that not some low
> cost serial cables don't have a DTR wire.  So, you printer says stop but
> this never gets to the other end of the cable.
> You say that this is an infrequent problem.  Although that makes this sort
> of scenario less likely, it can still happen because many modern printers
> have buffers large enough to hold quite big print jobs.
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> Subject: UV losing print characters
> > a client has reported that they are randomly & infrequently having
> > characters dropped from print jobs.
> > this recently happened during an invoice run where a tax value
> of 1147.90
> > was printed as 117.90 - the invoice total printed correctly, the invoice
> > data on file has the correct value and a reprint shows the
> correct value.
> >
> > I am thinking that this is
> >     - a problem with the printer in question ( i am not yet sure if this
> is
> > a single printer issue or not )
> >     - a problem with a network connection
> >     - an issue to be raised with either IBM or HP
> >
> > has anyone seen this happen before ?
> >
> > gerry
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