David is absolutely 100% correct.

Louis Windsor is also 100% correct.
The reason the "L" VOC entry clears your active SELECT is that the command
is not interpreted, therefore the "botched" command - since it did not work
against your SELECT list - by default - clears your active select list.


FILE VOC CLS  (makes a synonym).

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> My VOC doesn't have these entries you mention...nor does the UV Account
> (always a good place to check for such things - or the NEWACC file).
> However, looks like your application once resided on a Prime Computer,
> PRIMOS and using Prime INFORMATION.
> L and LD are 'list directory' PRIMOS operating system commands. The VOC
> entry you showed was how you executed the commands from Prime INFORMATION
> PERFORM prompt (TCL). I believe field 3 "PR" indicated a PRIMOS command
> under PI.
> What you're seeing is  a side-effect, rather than a 'feature' of UV TCL.
> Of course, there is no reason why you can clone 'L' from 'CLEARSELECT'.
> Regards
> David
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> One day, I stumbled across an interesting behavior; at TCL, if I type 'L',
> it results in my current SELECT list being cleared. You get an error
> message, but it does not seem to hurt anything. This is great, because I
> hate typing in CLEARSELECT.
> But ever since, I've been wondering what it's really doing. Turns out that
> 'L' is one of only two similar VOC entries, the other being 'LD'. It looks
> like this:
> 0001: V
> 0002: L
> 0003: PR
> The error message you get reads:
>   Unable to create new process.  Will try again.
>   Create Process failed (2).
> This is on NT. IIRC, on unix the message is different. Anybody know what
> this is doing, or if it is safe?
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