Sara Burns wrote:

The general thinking is that it must be more effective to only have one
operating system.  Less staff training etc etc etc.
As there is so much that is NT based they think that all should be on NT.
That includes UniVerse and Oracle.  Of course SQLServer doesn't have the
The fact that UniVerse and Oracle are supported on NT makes it that much
harder to explain that this is not such a good idea.  I need facts to back
up my feelings.  Some years ago I was told by one of the knowledgeable
contributors to this list that "We would be brave to go the NT route, as we
would be the biggest site to do this."  I am trying to find out if that has
changed with the evolution of new versions of NT - now W2K3.

The main argument I would make against such a move is the frequent need to load security patches and the need to reboot every time you do. With worms floating around that infect Windows machines without any user intervention there's no choice but to load critical patches immediately, whether it's convenient or not. We're not that large a shop and I would have a hard time scheduling downtime on a monthly basis. There's almost always some important time-sensitive process running in UV. I would imagine this problem is magnified at a larger company. Our UV unix server has run for periods of close to a year without a reboot.

Just my .02


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