Sidebar on sizing. One client of mine had 240 users on a 75 mhz 486 R90
system. Around 30 printers with the rest as users both as local and
multiplexed. Slow? Sort of. Working? Yes. MTBF? Incredibly infrequent given
the user count.

The system was written in ScreenGen which was ABS heavy. Also the
application was heavily app and system indexed. Converted to D3/AIX with
beaucoups of Digi-Boards. Flamethrower.

my 1 cent.
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> Stephen M. O'Neal, CDP said that "...currently, most W2000 installations
> max out at about 300 users."  I wonder how often sites that plan for
> user counts go with a *nix solution to start with?
> For what it is worth, I had 200 UV9.6.2.8 users on a WinNT 4.0 box.  And
> this was with a Compaq Proliant 5500 with 512MB of RAM and two 200Mhz
> Xeons I believe.  And no complaints about speed.
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