I am running UniData on Win 2003.  I have to reboot quite often.  It is a
Mickey Mouse system with little dog animations accompanying file searches.
It produces blue screens with Visual Studio.NET IDE. Requires permanently
patches that it downloads on it own, some that demand a reboot.
I only run it because my clients are dabbling in it and I need to have an
educated opinion.  I strongly discourage you.  It is crap.  Not to be
compared to AIX.  Plus there are serious privacy and security issues.  Apart
from giving me a dog show when I search for a file in my file system, I also
send Internet traffic to sa.windows.com.  That's right, every time you
search something, Bill wants to know.
Whoever demands Windows Server 2003 should indemnify you from the
consequences.  Otherwise you might hold the bag.

My humble opinion.

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Subject: UniVerse on NT vs *nix

I am under considerable pressure to convert from UniVerse on AIX to UniVerse
on Windows 2003.

We have licenses for 320 users and do get up to this number at times
although 300 is more normal.

We run up to 30 phantom processes during the day above this interactive user
count.  At times these would be running in parallel, processing sections of
our customer base.  This is a daily event during the afternoon whilst other
users are doing normal work.

Currently we run UniVerse 10.0.11 on an IBM p660 with 4 cpus and 7Gb ram.
We also run Oracle and Vantive on this same box which is why the ram is so
high.  We transfer data between UniVerse and Oracle real time using BCI &
OpenLink.  The reverse is an in-house Oracle Pipes development which is
gradually being replaced by UniObjects for Java.  I anticipate we would need
to run these applications on separate boxes if under Windows 2003.

Our DBAs, both UniVerse and Oracle, are reluctant to go down this path as
they believe they will not have the same ability to monitor their systems.

I would appreciate comments, good and bad, from anyone with experience of
this number of users in an Windows environment.  Email me off-line if this
seems appropriate.

Thanks in anticipation
Sara Burns

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