John Hester wrote:
> The default umask may be someplace like /etc/profile or 
> /etc/default/login depending on your platform.  Permissions on files 
> created by OUJ logins on our system appear to be determined by the 
> .profile of the UOJ login though.  Don't know why yours would 
> be different.

The UOJ login does not have a home directory or a shell.  You can't
actually log in with that user id and get to a unix prompt.  So no
.profile for that user.  I still don't get how umask could do this-- it
only subtracts from the existing permissions, right?  In this case I'm
gaining world readable permission.  (And I have only a vague grasp of
how this all works, anyway.)

I'll go ask on the HPUX newsgroup and see if I can find out where a
default would be coming from.

Wendy Smoak
Application Systems Analyst, Sr.
ASU IA Information Resources Management 
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