I should have mentioned - this is on windows. And the issue is that the VOC might be PIX.OUTPUT.701 but the operating system file is PIX.OUT000 or PIX.OUT022 because it was created LONGNAMES OFF

Karl L Pearson wrote:

You may consider rolling your own on this one. If on Unix, you might
have a script that does this:

# Remove TEMP files
if [ "$1" = '' ] ; then
  echo "usage: $0 FILENAME(s) (separated by a space or LF)
  exit 1

for i in $1
   echo Removing $i
   cd $UVACCOUNT ; # Change this to the account or prompt for it
   rm -r $i
   rm -r D_$i
   uv "DELETE VOC "$i

There may need a couple of other things added, especially if you have
security options in the account, but TEMP files probably shouldn't be
stored in a production account but rather in a subdirectory/filesystem
somewhere else.

Just my two bits.


On Wed, 2004-03-10 at 10:59, Dianne Ackerman wrote:

Sometimes when using DELETE.FILE, the system prompts that the data entry does not match expected data... because when the file was originally created LONGNAMES was off and now LONGNAMES is on. Is there any way to force the DELETE.FILE to work without warning and prompting?

The HOSTACCESS utilities we use create these temporary files and when a sys admin needs to do cleanup, it would be nice to run a utility to delete all these hundreds of temporary files. But I'm not sure how to have a paragraph delete them and deal with sometimes needing to answer those prompts.

Any ideas?

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