There are a lot of hashed files that are 64 bit - what do you to to
convert them?

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Because UniVerse runs in a virtual machine (the "run machine") that is
customized to each of the platforms on which it runs, you'd be
pleasantly surprised at how little difference switching hardware makes.
I've certainly moved suites of programs, which ran without needing to be
recompiled (the run machine itself detects byte order). The only
problems I would foresee would be
(a) 64-bit hashed files are (cannot be) supported on 32-bit platforms,
so if you have any of these they will need to be converted to 32-bit,
Distributed if too large
(b) pathnames, particularly embedded pathnames (of secondary indices If
you are using SQL capability, you should use FORMAT.CONV with its
-export and -import capabilities.  This is the recommended/approved
mechanism for moving SQL schemas.

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> 64-bit (say, an AlphaServer/Tru64 Unix platform)
> to 32-bit (say, a Wintel platform)???
> I think the question should be about a switch in operating 
> systems--that's of more immediate significance to the application. 
> There are other 64-bit architectures out there besides Alphas.  Put 
> the OS of your choice on one of them.  I bet the change in OS will 
> break more things in the application than the change in hardware word 
> size.  Even a small change in OS (Tru64 Unix to some other flavor of 
> Unix) will break some things. Alpha/Tru64 is owned by HP now; HP would

> probably love to talk to you about other HP platform solutions.
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> | Has any one converted a 64bit machine to a 32bit machine and
> | if so what kind of problems were encountered??
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> | Thanks!

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