Hi, Everyone.

I'm having trouble with a scheduling program I'm writing in VB.net, on a WinXPpro 
system, using UniObjects, that extracts and writes data to a file in our Unidata 6.0.3 
system on an AIX 5.1L system.

The trouble that I'm having is that the data is getting corrupted.  As the screen 
doesn't rebuild after a data save, I don't 'see' the problem until I restart the 
program the next time around, and data is re-read from the database.  

I've been through my program 3 times, and can't find an error.  I'm assuming at this 
point that the error is outside my program, as I ran the same test data through the 
program 5 times, and it only corrupted the data 3 times.  The other two it worked 
flawlessly.  If it was an error in my program, it shouldn't ever work right, should it?

Also, the program treats every record equally, but the data is intermittently 
corrupted, some records process fine, others get corrupted.  Some fields are lost all 

Fortunately it's still in test mode, so we haven't lost any real data yet.

The data is doing things like this:

                Record 1:       Record 2:
DelDate:        03/18/04        03/18/04         <--OK
SeqNo:  3               3                <--OK
Type:           F               0               <----These two are mixed together (* 
see below)
Hours:  0h              hF              <---/
Code:           -                                <===== This one is GONE!!!!
Color:  Blue            WBlu            <----These two are mixed together (* see below)
Symbol: W               e               <---/
Emp:            1                                <===== This one is GONE!!!!!
RelNo:  01234567001     N0123456700     <----These two are mixed together (* see below)
Priority:       N               1               <---/

(* HERE!)  
At first, I thought that the data was being broken up at the wrong points, but after a 
closer look, it appears that this is happening.  In each three line group:
Line1:  Starts with the first character of line two, and loses it's last character.
Line2:  Loses it's first character to line 1, and gains the last character of line 1 
at the end of it's data.
Line3:  Data is gone (unless it's a <space> character)

It's really crazy.

Anyone have any ideas for this one?  If so, any help is appreciated.

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