Hi, and thanks for the assistance.

> Timothy Snyder wrote:
> I'm just trying to isolate whether the problem with your program is in the update or 
> display routine.

Sorry that I didn't explain this better.

What I'm actually seeing is that everything on the screen looks fine.  I'll move a few 
SchedBoxes around, and everything still looks fine.  Then when I shut down the 
program, and restart it, the data displayed on the screen is incorrect compared to the 
way that I left it.  The issue is that the data isn't being written during the 
'shutdown' process.  It's written individually each time that something changes.  When 
I go back to check the record in Unidata, using a LIST command or the AE editor, I can 
verify that the data that is actually in the file, is incorrect.  So, the data is 
being corrupted before I even know about it.

Probably the reason that it's hard to track this down, is that I'm displaying data in 
textboxes that are part of a custom control.  These aren't directly connected to the 
DataTable where the data resides.  

Basically, you read the SCHED_DATA record to the SchedFile object.  Then, that data is 
added to the 'Schedule1' table, one record at a time.  After the  Schedule1 table is 
filled, then the SchedBox objects are created, each using the data from one Schedule1 

Then it's a reverse process when you write back to the file.  You make changes to the 
SchedBox object.  This in turn updates the Schedule1 DataTable.  Then the program has 
to put the DataTable record into the SchedFile object, where it's written back to the 
SCHED_DATA Unidata file.

(It would have been a lot easier, if I'd hadn't had to create an array of custom 
controls (SchedBoxes).

Each SchedBox object contains 10 textboxes and 8 other data members.

Maybe I'm just doing too many steps.  Is there a better way to keep the SchedBox 
custom control's data sync'ed to the Unidata file?

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