There IS some way of setting the environment. Don't ask me how :-(

Probably "control panel" and then somewhere deep in the bowels of
"system management".


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Hi Sara

I assume you mean when you do a dos command from universe over telnet.
If that is the case every time you do the dos cammand it launches
another DOS command execute, like launching another shell.  I am not
sure if there is a way of copying the variables from the base as you can
with unix.  I would run a bat that initialises those variables each time
you launch dos, or the other hand consider unix services for windows,
which gives unix people a more comfortable interface to windows.


David Jordan

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Subject: UV on W2K3 - trying to add to path

We are starting our evaluation of running UniVerse on W2K3.  To get a
feel of what it will be like and to scope the learning we need to do we
have set up a totally isolated W2K3 server (PDC) and have installed the
personal version of UniVerse while we wait for an NT version from IBM.
I added to the System Environment variables an extension to the PATH =
Problem - we do not get this in our telnet session.  It is fine in a cmd
session from the server but is missing from the telnet session.  Can
anyone explain how we add this on an NT platform.  Universe was
installed as Administrator and we have even tried using Administrator as
the user in the telnet session but that did not show the extra path.
Our personal user accounts are in the Admin group.
I can add this within my session as  PATH=%path%;c:\ibm\uv\bin and it
works. However this is lost next time.
I can see this is going to be an interesting learning curve for our DBAs
(Oracle and UniVerse) who have UNIX skills but little exposure to NT
apart from using a desktop. I will be on leave tomorrow (Friday) so I
will see if I can get the digest sent to me at home.
Thank you in anticipation
Sara Burns
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