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Date: Sun, 04 Apr 2004 17:08:19 +1000
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Subject: RE: Modern Universe (TESTING)

> Joe,
> The example you specified (below) is case-SENSITIVE.  It will only return rows where 
> the value begins with the four upper-case letters designated.  In particular, it 
> will not produce the results you showed (and could never select the row with 
> "SARRA").  Your query is identical to the SQL:
> SELECT fieldname FROM filename WHERE fieldname LIKE 'SARA%';
> My techniques showed how to render this into a case-insensitive search by performing 
> on-the-fly conversion to upper-case. It would be just as valid to perform on-the-fly 
> conversion to lower case.
> However, this conversion is done in the WHERE clause, not in the SELECT clause (or 
> in the RetrieVe equivalents), so that the data values are displayed in whatever case 
> they are stored.
> Regards
> Ray

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