Hello Tim

I'm interested in knowing a little more.

On Tue, 2004-04-06 at 18:15, Tim MacInnes wrote:
> Hi Dirk,
> Wound up solving my own problem somewhat in that I had a few missing libraries.

Found out from some googling around that I needed the elf libraries. 
That got me to the ndbm issue.  What other libraries did you discover
were required??  Is the gdbm library a correct replacement for the ndbm
library??  The other library I am stuck on is when compiling ictest it
keeps telling me I need a 'socket' library.  Did you run into this??

> After some further investigation, I had to go back to a machine with RedHat 7.3
> on it. 

Okay, I was half expecting something like that to be the case, my 7.0
machines are still giving me fits though with the ndbm and socket

> Apparently IBM's binary distribution of UniData for linux is compiled
> on RedHat 7.X, and compiler differences after that make it impossible to "makeudt".
> I was able to get callc and intercall compiled and working fine. Also am using
> a compiled version of some freeware called CALLUB to connect cgi scripts to a
> UniData database.

I googled for CALLUB and did not find it.  Can you point me towards it??

> Good luck with your testing!
> ----------------------------
> Tim MacInnes

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