Dirk Bartley wrote:

>Found out from some googling around that I needed the elf libraries.
>That got me to the ndbm issue.  What other libraries did you discover
>were required??  Is the gdbm library a correct replacement for the ndbm
>library??  The other library I am stuck on is when compiling ictest it
>keeps telling me I need a 'socket' library.  Did you run into this??

>> Apparently IBM's binary distribution of UniData for linux is compiled
>> on RedHat 7.X, and compiler differences after that make it
>impossible to "makeudt".

If this is for a proper, licenced installation of UniData and not just for
the PE version, I'd strongly suggest you get in touch with IBM support on
this.  There are specific point releases of UniData which are needed for
specific Linux builds if you want to use makeudt.  Your experience of
successfully building a udt only to have it seg fault is something I've seen
and it came down to needing a different ud version for that Linux build.

A potential start point is the availability matrix, but I don't think it is
entirely up to date:

Also, before you search the world for libraries to install on your Linux
box, I'd try removing references to the missing libs from the base.mk file.
I know you don't need to link with libelf, and seem to recall that libsocket
is no longer a separate library, but is instead now rolled into libc.  I'm
not sure that libndbm is necessary either.



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