Hi Dirk,

I did successfully use gdbm instead of ndbm (not sure whether removing the library 
altogether is an option) and the socket library seemed to not be an issue when I went 
back to Linux 7.3. It should be in your compiler's libpath.

Ken's right about the licensing issue. My licensed UniData is running on Solaris 8 on 
a Sun server, and I'm using the personal version of Linux to experiment. Everything I 
have done to date, I have been able to replicate on the Solaris box also.

CALLUB is a callc clone and is available from:

It gives you a couple sample scenarios, but I've gone crazy writing UniBasic server 
side scripts. UniData is an excellent backend database.

After compiling the following will get you started:

Create a UniBasic subroutine like the following:


PRINT '<html>'
PRINT '<body><center>'
PRINT '<h1>Hello World</h1>'
PRINT '</center></body>'
PRINT '</html>'

Then put an index.cgi script in your webserver test directory like this:

#!/usr/local/bin/perl -U
# Set defaults
$default_dir = "/directory_to_UniData_account";
$default_com = "/usr/ud60/bin/callub.udt";
$ENV{'TERM'} = "xterm";
chdir $default_dir;
exec ($default_com);

Tim MacInnes

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From: Dirk Bartley <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Tuesday, April 6, 2004 10:48 pm
Subject: Re: Makeudt

> Hello Tim
> I'm interested in knowing a little more.
> On Tue, 2004-04-06 at 18:15, Tim MacInnes wrote:
> > Hi Dirk,
> > 
> > Wound up solving my own problem somewhat in that I had a few 
> missing libraries.
> Found out from some googling around that I needed the elf 
> libraries. 
> That got me to the ndbm issue.  What other libraries did you discover
> were required??  Is the gdbm library a correct replacement for the 
> ndbmlibrary??  The other library I am stuck on is when compiling 
> ictest it
> keeps telling me I need a 'socket' library.  Did you run into this??
> > After some further investigation, I had to go back to a machine 
> with RedHat 7.3
> > on it. 
> Okay, I was half expecting something like that to be the case, my 7.0
> machines are still giving me fits though with the ndbm and socket
> libraries.
> > Apparently IBM's binary distribution of UniData for linux is 
> compiled> on RedHat 7.X, and compiler differences after that make 
> it impossible to "makeudt".
> > 
> > I was able to get callc and intercall compiled and working fine. 
> Also am using
> > a compiled version of some freeware called CALLUB to connect cgi 
> scripts to a
> > UniData database.
> I googled for CALLUB and did not find it.  Can you point me 
> towards it??
> > 
> > Good luck with your testing!
> > 
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> > Tim MacInnes
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