There are many areas that could give you problems, file sizing, memory, swap space, etc. I would suggest using some performance monitoring tools to pin down where the performance issues lie and go from there. IBM AIX has a third party tool "nmon" available that has tools available to import the data into Excell and analyze it. I would start with that and then address the systems issues that it highlights as being bottlenecks.

Other than that, right off the bat I would say it's probably a mixture of
memory, swap space and file sizing which are some of the more common
causes of the problems you describe.

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At 09:08 AM 4/8/2004, you wrote:
We are looking for some insight from anyone that has experienced
performance degradation in UV, as it relates to the OS.  We are running
UV 10.0.14 on AIX 5.1.we are having terrible 'latency' within the
application.  This is a recent conversion from D3 to UV and our client
is extremely disappointed with the performance.  We've had IBM hardware
support and Universe support in on the box, but to no avail..we are
seeing high paging faults and very highly utilized disk space.  Any
thoughts or suggestions?


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