I just recently found you folks...this is good stuff!  Maybe you can help me
with this one (sorry if there has been previous discussion)...
Client upgraded UD to 6.0.3 on an AIX 4.31 box.  Try as I may, I can no
longer get an Objectcall connection to that server.  
I have used uniapi_admin to recreate the server and database,
Verified that $UDTBIN, $UDTHOME, etc are valid and matches what I input in
I recreated the uniapi.ini on the remote workstation to ensure that it has
no munged text,
I can "telnet <server name> 4343" to the server and it connects...doesn't do
anything of course but it connects (verified using netstat),
Tried objping as root on the server and get the same errors as I do from a
remote workstation:
ERROR ON CLIENT in UniOpenPos: Server terminated unexpectedly.

ERROR ON CLIENT in UniClose: Argument at position 1 has NULL handle.

Any thoughts?
David Litzau
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