Ken is correct that we have end-of-lifed ObjectCall - after years of
advanced warnings.
Regardless - we haven't removed it from the product. It is still there. You
can still try to use it. We have stopped engineering work on it.
Epicor does have an open case with U2 support. We are working with them to
try to get it functioning for them. There are a number of sites (including
Epicor sites - if I'm not mistaken - Martin/David - feel free to correct me
if I'm misremembering) where ObjectCall is working with UniData 6.0.x and
AIX, so why this particular system is having problems is under
investigation and likely to be successfully resolved. It does rely on
tcp/ip so the problems may not be with ObjectCall itself.

Ascential does have a new version of DataStage that no longer uses
ObjectCall. I'll let the ASCL folks elaborate if they choose.

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On behalf of Dave, let me expand.....

We have a DataStage job which is still relying on ObjectCall (until we can
rewrite it to utilise the new UniData6 stage), unfortunately, after the
UniData upgrade ObjectCall ceased to function & no matter what we do we
cannot get it to work again!!!!


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> Client upgraded UD to 6.0.3 on an AIX 4.31 box.  Try as I may, I can
> no longer get an Objectcall connection to that server.

Well, IBM end-of-lifed ObjectCall a while ago, but I still think they ship

IBM also end-of-lifed AIX 4.3 mid last year IIRC.

Having just checked the availability matrix at,
see that 6.0.3 and 6.0.8 ARE both certified for AIX 4.3.3, but 4.3.1
definitely isn't mentioned.

Moving beyond this bunch of uncertainty I have about the supportability of
your client's platform set, it might be worth asking what they upgraded
and what you are trying to connect with.  ObjectCall is a highly version
dependent beast.  If they upgraded from an early UniData version like 3.3.2
or 4.0 and went straight to 6.0, then whatever ObjectCall client piece you
used to be able to connect with would now be incompatible.

Anyway, how to resolve this?  First push the server and client logging
levels up high (level 9?), then start off on the AIX box with objping and
see if you can get a connection on the same box.  Once you have that
working, see if you can connect an external client.



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