We spent 3 years developing a product (CrystalLynx) that allowed us to work with 
Crystal - it automatically "normalized" the data for you, so I think it would be fair 
to say that "we used it for a while" - and you are right, I don't want to go back (to 

Typical square peg/round hole stuff, because it DIDN'T understand mv all that well - 
or maybe it was just us ! and I surely didn't like ODBC performance (and reliability 
on D3 platforms).

CR is obviously a good product - #1 in it's field, but these days there ARE products 
available that work with mv data in a native format, and give CR a good run for it's 
money !

Ross Ferris
Stamina Software
Visage – an Evolution in Software Development

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>Subject: RE: Crystal Reports
>Crystal is indeed a very fine product.  It is a banded report writer with a
>multitude of programmability.   Multivalued data is indeed a pain in the
>neck.   Normalize the data 1st and you'll find Crystal a joy to use with
>output, features and polish that MV can't come close to.  The 'problems'
>that your users are facing can be addressed with Crystal code (VB syntax or
>Crystal's scripting syntax).  After using it a while, you'll never want to
>go back...
>Mike R.
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>Subject: Crystal Reports
>One of my clients wants to connect Crystal Reports to their UD database to
>apparently give greater access to the data that they sometimes deem as
>hidden and only accessable through me.
>This client converted to Great Plains 6 weeks ago (SQL based) and their CR
>experts were struggling with duplicating some of the more mundane reports
>that already exist in UD. A monthly sales tax summary (by jurisdiction)
>the GP guy 3 days futzing with CR using GP's data.
>How much trouble are they going to get in trying to use MV'd data from the
>UD system (ODBC) if they have so much trouble with more 'normalized' data.
>Everyone seems to think that CR is a magic pill and once attached to a SQL
>database, the sophisticated reports simply roll off.
>I'm trying to strongly propose a data warehouse concept whereby the day's
>sales data gets exported and updated into their prior application for the
>sake of the multitude of existing, proven reports in MV. If these guys took
>3 days for a simple tax report, how can CR fabricate temporary tables for
>the sake of these consolidated sophisticated MV reports?
>I'm just interested in hearing of some experiences. This client is too
>stubborn to go back from GP and may even disregard their entire MV system
>completely. I really have nothing to lose if I insult them.
>Thanks in advance.
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