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> You expect delimiters? When I started in computers, our binary only had 
> zeros - and we were glad to have them!
>     The thing about MV or flat really comes down to a case-by-case to my way 
> of thinking. I generally program Order Entry systems as 1NF, even on MV 
> systems. Pricing, Inventory, and any number of other parts tend to lend 
> themselves to MV. I like being able to choose the best form for each case.
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>           Charles Barouch
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Heretic!  Are you saying that an order entry screen of one header and 
unlimited detail lines is actually .... [shudder] ... several DIFFERENT 

In that world, where would my program that allows you to [quickly] edit 
thousand-value, multi-megabyte, records be of any worth?

"Five hundred useless utilities" Will Johnson 
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