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Does the requirement to have no client-side setup (other than pointing a
user to a web page in a std web browser) eliminate accuterm or not?  If not,
then does this permit drop-down boxes, combo boxes, calendars for date entry
and the usual icons one might expect for various features?

I'm talking about the U2 database, but the tools on the mv side need not be
more than UOJ, for example (with support for update of stored fields and
preferably also virtual fields as read-only).

yes Dawn, Accuterm does support a web browser interface
I've not worked closely with that implementation, I usually use the telnet terminal emulator thingie.
But I did dink around with it slightly just to make sure it works.
I would expect since its running in a browser that you could do any java thingies you do with any other page if you want
Or any HTML or whatever.

Well, in the demo page (http://www.asent.com/atguidemo5.htm ) it seems to use Activex in the web browser. Not just HTML.
And it does not work on my Mozilla.
So I don't think that it could be used on other OS than Windows/IE...

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