Brian Leach wrote:
>> Or if you want browser based cross platform - is anyone on the list 
>> using Macromedia flash to talk to U2 through web services?

Will wrote:
>Aren't you missing something there? Or can "web services" 
>speak directly to a U2 database?  And if so ... how?

For info on Web Services talking to your U2 system, please see my series of
articles on the topic for Spectrum Magazine:
We'll be posting article 3 in a couple days which specifically mentions
tools for U2.  Article 4 for the May/June issue is going to press now with
examples of Web Services deployed for MV apps and in the mainstream world.

For info on getting from Flash (Shockwave) to MV, see my other post for this
thread that I'm posting at the same time as this one.

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