Just be careful!

The reason Sun does not want to open Java (in fact, Java itself is
available as open source, so all this crap about "open source-ing Java"
is just that - crap) is that it does not want the aim of Java - write
once run anywhere - to be subverted.

Given that it is on record that this is EXACTLY what MS intended to do
when they licenced Java from MS (hence the MS/Sun legal scraps) who can
blame Sun for being wary?

Java (not necessarily Sun's version) will be available on any platform
that people care to put it on. MS have made a point of saying (or at the
very least not denying) that .net is intended to work best with Windows
and, indeed, parts of it are likely to work ONLY with Windows.

So if I develop with Java on an IBM mainframe I have no expectation of
getting a nasty surprise from Sun. If I develop with .net, I have every
expectation of it failing to work with linux in the (maybe near) future.


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Yes, I agree.
But .NET is also an "open" specification, the .NET file format and the 
jvm are ecma "standardized".
And there is already an open .net vm : mono.
So using .net does not locked more into microsoft than using sun lock 
you into sun.
And the .NET jvm is free of charge, so no more dollars to microsoft. And

it is installed with every windows update, so every windows user has 
already a "good environment" for .NET. More easy for us than installing 
java vm.

And the last events show us that sun does not want to open Java. So if 
sun dies, nobody can continue developping java.

It was only a kind of joke (why I used a smiley ;-), I don't want to 
start a war about sun/java versus Microsoft/.NET especially with the 
last agreement between sun and ms ;-)
Just use your prefered tool, I'll be ever productive than with a 
world-standard that you hate.


Dawn M. Wolthuis wrote:

>Java Web Start works reasonably well, and I have used it.  But I sure
>see how you are "locked in" to Sun by using it.  The Java libraries
will be
>perpetuated with or without Sun.  For example, IBM develops with Java,
>I'm certain they don't think they are locked into Sun.
>"Locked into Microsoft" implies dollars (forever) while "locked into
>doesn't feel like as much of a prison at all.  Agree?  --dawn
>Dawn M. Wolthuis
>Tincat Group, Inc.
>Take and give some delight today.
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>Well, you have the java choice ;-)
>Java and javawebstart do the same thing as explain by James.
>Check http://java.sun.com/products/javawebstart/architecture.html
>But you'll still locked into Sun (instead of microsoft) ;-)
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