OK, I hate to keep perpetuating this thread, which has nothing to do
with U2, but...

That has not been my experience with web forums.  Most forum software I
have seen brings topics with recent replies to the top, and highlights
threads with new activity.  I have seen long dormant threads become
active again weeks or months later because someone happened to read them
and reply.

As for the lack of "immediacy", good email integration seems to me to
solve that.

The argument that, for some people, access to email is more acceptable
in their environment than access to email, however, is a very valid one.

On Wed, 2004-04-21 at 02:03, Anthony Youngman wrote:

> But it is far less "immediate". I sometimes have conversations with
> people stateside. I'll find an email when I get to work at 8am BST
> (British Summer Time, not Bering Straights Time :-). I'll respond.
> Then the person it was aimed at will get to work at, say, 9am New York
> Time, respond, and we bounce ideas around for an hour or so before I go
> home.
> A forum relies on me (a) noticing their message at 8am my time - and
> forum scanning puts me off - I miss loads. Then (b) they've got to
> notice early morning their time that I responded, and (c) I've got to
> catch them at it!
> That just won't happen, in the normal course of events. One of the
> reasons I've abandoned many fora is that I keep coming across plenty of
> conversations that happened while I was away, but could easily have
> contributed to. And I get p*ssed off that my (I fool myself they are
> relevant) comments get ignored because the subject has now gone stale.
> Cheers,
> Wol.
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> Why is that an argument?  A "forum" is not the same as a chatroom.  It
> is just as persistent as email.
> On Tue, 2004-04-20 at 16:38, Kate Stanton wrote:
> > >From New Zealand, the main argument against a forum is that we sleep
> while
> > you work and vice versa.  It is 9:30am here now, and 7:30am in Sydney
> -
> > expect to hear similar story from Australians in about 2 hours.
> > 
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