I didn't suggest using Yahoo Groups, just using it as an
example. I hate the ads...but then again, it's free too.

>From my experience, I've usually seen fairly good response
times to posts and replies (<2 hrs). Whether it makes a difference
of .us vs .au don't know. But some of the replies have been
from .au addresses and were quite timely.

This whole thread reminds me of when I tried to give away a working
TV at a hamfest (flea market for radio equip) one year. People would
pick it up, smell it, scutinize it, shake it, asked if it worked.
This went on for 2 hours. Finally, I put a $1 price tag on it.
It sold in less than 2 minutes, with no questions asked.

The moral of the story, when something is free, you expect the world
from it/for it, but if you think your getting a great buy for your
money, your willing to accept almost any flaw.


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>> Yahoo groups works this way.
>> You can either post via the web, or from Email, and receive
>> either web only or also via email.
>> Of course, if the forum being used is canned, and doesn't have
>> those options, it might be a bit more difficult to do what
>> we
>> want.
>> George
>But George Yahoo Groups can be SLOW. I tried to run a tutorial 
>mailing list
>in yahoo groups and it could take days for my responses to students to
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