Sorry it has been a day before I reply, however getting the digest version
delays my response somewhat. I take my hat of to people who deal with the
deluge of individual emails each day!

Will said: "But if this works like or
then if you post via the email, your posting does not show up integrated
into the boards.  So some information is lost unless we have also an
archival engine that saves all emails, integrating them into archived forum
posts to re-form the consistent thread...."

I think there are better solutions out there. For example searching the web
(having web access allows staff to find solutions for your company!) I was
able to find this - "Phorum is a web based message board
written in PHP. Phorum is designed with high-availability and visitor ease
of use in mind. Features such as mailing list integration, easy
customization and simple installation make Phorum a powerful add-in to any
It is also very common for newgroups to have mail integration e.g.

Keith upton said: "How about company/department policy?  And why can't I do
my job properly
without having access to the web?"

How do you access the IBM Online features such as the Knowlege base,
Availability index, online call management etc. etc. How do you keep up to
date with the latest technology. Find information patches for your OS/
Software / Hardware. The list goes on. I really can not see how I could do
my development job without this essential tool.

Company /department policy can be changed, if you can show that the company
gets benefits, such as fixes found quicker / questions answered quicker. No
one is saying every person in the company needs web access. Maybe one web
access terminal is shared by a number of people. This avoids the complaint
that people are surfing the net not working. Talking of working....

James Hogan
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