This is a good conversation and one we ought to be able to make progress
with over time.  

When the U2UG board agreed to take on the u2-users list from Clif, we
figured that we would serve the community best if we don't vary too many
factors at one time.  We would prefer that the move from [EMAIL PROTECTED]
to [EMAIL PROTECTED] at the end of this month be painless enough
that we don't lose community members.

Once u2-users is happily living in its new home and the site is
a place you want to go to regularly, we can look at various requirements and
see if there is a solution that meets all or at least more requirements than
the current one.

I, for one, am one of the "old" fuddy-duddies who does fine with e-mail
lists, is OK with usenet when necessary, and can't seem to get a pattern
that works for me with forums.  I don't know if it is a personality type
that prefers one over the other or if there are some work habit changes that
just aren't obvious enough to me, but I haven't found a way to change from
e-mail lists to forums as yet.  

As others have mentioned, if there were a way for each user to use whatever
interface were desired for seeing threads, sending and receiving postings,
etc so that each could use their preferred approach, that would be ideal --
something to strive for ...


Dawn M. Wolthuis
Tincat Group, Inc.

Take and give some delight today.

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Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2004 3:00 PM
Subject: RE: We need a web based Forum!

I only belong to two groups: this one and sbsolutions on yahoo groups. To me
they "behave" the same - I have an email folder for each and messages are
routed there. I interact with them in the same way - simply sending e-mail

However, the yahoo group also has a web-site with all of the messages in it
that I've occasionally used to search (although their search is terrible). I
don't think external search engines capture them as you need to login in
order to see the posts.

The only "problem" is that the messages appear in posted order and not
sorted by conversation. Even better would be the option to have either

Well, that's my vote. Web based forums with the options to receive/post
through e-mail. Limited to members only. With a "good" search utility.

Now surely as a bunch on computer geeks we could make this happen...

Colin Alfke
Calgary, Alberta Canada

"Just because something isn't broken doesn't mean that you can't fix it"

Stu Pickles

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>I disagree that its very common to have what I posted.
>But I'm not sure you understood me.
>Let's say I'm subscribed to both the forum and its 
>corresponding email list.
>If I send a message to the email list only, will it appear on 
>the forum site?  Or alternatively will it appear in the 
>archives of the forum site?
>That's the question.
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