Definitely an honourable reply.

The thing is tho', that if they don't do it in the most
"accepted/requested" way, they'll have more hassle in the long run,
forever being bombarded with petty whinging.

Seems to me a system where 
*       email ("the list") carries on as usual
*       All emailed responses are submitted as forum responses
*       All forum responses are whooshed out to the list as email

would work.

Where you get this, how you write it, what bean you imbibe whilst
contemplating it, is beyond me. 

I salute those who have shouldered the dragon, the feeding of which I
fear may become an all-consuming task. Design it (him/her/Puff) well,
feed it regularly, clean up the mountainous excretia, hell,even get the
right fit for its racing leathers and pray it doesn't burn you, and all
should bode well for a long and happy future.

Puff? Hmm... Puff the Magic Dragon??? .

                           (P)ost    (U)2-Userlist    (F)riends of the

Ok, so that's a little limp. Your turn...

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Sounds to me as though it should be the choice of whoever is shouldering
the responsibility of looking after it.  If they are prepared to do the
work, then I applaud them and am privileged to be able to use it, in
whatever way they choose.

Cheers,  Kate
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