Depends on your "local system". If it's a winterm or xterm, where's the
hard disk for you to "have locally installed GUI apps"?

What you've just defined is a "fat" client, not a "thin" one. By
definition, a thin client *doesn't* *have* a disk attached to the local


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Schalk, you don't have to send the screen layout up and down
the lines -
have locally installed GUI apps, pointing to remote site
data. When the
program loads up, it gets all it's programming power from
the local
workstation, and data transfer is at a minimum.

I know this is a nirvana, and a real drag to implement on
systems, but it can be done. One solution I saw was to have
possible screen display / prompt string stored in files
(this app was a
library system, and different language interfaces were
stored). These
storage files were stored locally on LAN drives, with  the
data stored
at one central place.

It worked a bomb.


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