Thanks Jeremy, faxing is done by customer service, so everyone will need
access to this option. I am having to quickly come-up-to-speed on vbscript;
in my free time. We can get around this feature not working for a while, but
not for too long.

Bobby Ramirez
Senior Programmer
Body Wise International

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Bobby, on the NT system are you logged in with administrator privileges when

this will be run, or as a limited user?
If administrator, you can use 'DOS /c ' similar to the shell command. This 
will get you away from the UV contraints.  I would not recommend using a 
batch script, but something a little more powerful like wsh scripting. you 
will need to know a bit about either javascript or vbscript. It should give 
you control over everything you would need in windows to do this.
'DOS /c cscript filename'. Hopefully there is a simpler option though.

> I have a program i need to port to a win2k server from DG/UX. This program
> generates a report that can be printed or Faxed. It dials a modem
> to the unix server, and off goes the report. Has anyone tried a simular
> process on an NT server?
> My thought was to setup a Fax modem, and have the program execute a batch
> script to dial the number, but i am not sure how to "spool" to a fax,
>  this ring any bells with anyone?
> Bobby Ramirez
> Senior Programmer
> Body Wise International
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