Is there an easier Solution:

Faxes in Windows are installed as Printers, therefore, could you create
an alias for your Fax driver, such as FAX1 and then just write your
mvBASIC code to send to that printer. Theoretically you could then even
print to a fax from TCL using

SETPTR ,,,,,,<stuff deleted>,AT FAX1
SELECT FILE WITH <correct params>
SORT FILE <correct fields> LPTR

Now that begs the question, which is why I bring this up, "How can you
then determine the phone number, etc.?" Someone has done this, right?


On Thu, 2004-04-22 at 14:58, Jeremy Adell wrote:
> Bobby, on the NT system are you logged in with administrator privileges when 
> this will be run, or as a limited user?
> If administrator, you can use 'DOS /c ' similar to the shell command. This 
> will get you away from the UV contraints.  I would not recommend using a 
> batch script, but something a little more powerful like wsh scripting. you 
> will need to know a bit about either javascript or vbscript. It should give 
> you control over everything you would need in windows to do this.
> 'DOS /c cscript filename'. Hopefully there is a simpler option though.
> > I have a program i need to port to a win2k server from DG/UX. This program
> > generates a report that can be printed or Faxed. It dials a modem connected
> > to the unix server, and off goes the report. Has anyone tried a simular
> > process on an NT server?
> > 
> > My thought was to setup a Fax modem, and have the program execute a batch
> > script to dial the number, but i am not sure how to "spool" to a fax,
> >  this ring any bells with anyone?
> > 
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