These are scripts ending with .vbs, .js run with either (command line) 
cscript.exe or (gui) wscript.exe. On server 2003, i have found that only 
privileged users can run these. Used for automated administration of the 
server. 2000 may allow it, but i would hope not. These scripts give you a 
way to automate, access, and programatically control every aspect of your 
windows server including access to networking, modems and printers.

The best bet is to create a simple executable to connect the modem, use the 
new socket abilities of Universe 10.0 to setup a client system locally, and 
an always listening server at the remote location and just pipe the data 
over. Then the listening program writes the data to a file. kind of a hacked 
system but oh well.

> What kind of scripts?  Batch files?  I have a number of processes which
> write out and execute batch files and ordinary users can execute 
> them just fine.
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> you cannot run scripts if not logged in as administrator, but it 
> would be possible to run an .exe . not sure if you know how to 
> program c++ or vb.
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