Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions. Turns out the solution was relatively simple. I just needed to use PERFORM ED instead of EXECUTE ED to make ED run in the wrapper program's workspace. This is in PICK flavor. Seems like I once knew the difference between EXECUTE and PERFORM in PICK flavor, but I forgot. Reading through all the posts jogged my memory.

To answer some of the questions as to why I chose this particular route:

I prefer to never copy and modify the system utilities themselves because I'm then relegated to that version of the tool and miss out on any fixes/enhancements in later UV releases. There's also the possibility that the current version won't work correctly in later releases.

I'd rather not have the ongoing maintenance and overhead of adding triggers to every file in the database (and can't in UV 9.6 anyway). Also one of the main benefits of the audit trail is capturing changes to BPs and procs that reside in type 19 files.

As to the issue of people finding loopholes in ED to get around the auditing, that's not really a big concern. We have good people here and this is more of a tool to assist them rather than being big brother. If someone has to quickly fix some data on the fly and they fail to document it, now they have automatic documentation to fall back on.


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