Björn, I recommend bringing your PDP.NET questions on proper usage to the
Raining Data Web Forum, and bugs to Raining Data Support.  They should
answer questions like this quickly.  I'm concerned that your students have
found problems and then worked around them rather than reporting them.
Problems should be reported to the vendor or they will never be fixed and
people will forever be talking about "that damned bug that never got fixed".
This goes for all products including the DBMS software we use.  Students
should learn that this is the way things are supposed to work rather than
trying to prove how smart they are by coming up with workarounds.  In the
long run a workaround costs money and is more difficult to maintain in the
future.  When problems aren't fixed they cost ALL users of the product time
and money, and prompts discussions of migration, which drives up costs for
everyone and drives our market into the ground even further.  Take advantage
of your support contract, get bugs fixed, we all benefit.

Good Luck,
Nebula R&D

>we have students working for us on a project evaluating 
>Raining Data's .net provider. They have had a lot of problems 
>and some of them we have found workarounds for. Now they try 
>to update a file but it doesen't seem to work. Anyone with 
>knowledge of this product who could help us with this issue?

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