Check to see if the Microsoft Telnet service is running.  If
so, stop the service and set its start property to disable or
manual.  Then stop the UniVerse services and restart them
and you should have telnet.  An alternative is to use UniAdmin
to change the port UniVerse uses for telnet so the two do
not conflict.  That is what I have done and it works well.

If this is not a MS install....never mind! :-)

Ron White

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Sent: Wednesday, April 28, 2004 4:35 PM
Subject: UniVerse Personal Edition Telnet Service

I am getting the following errors trying to start the Telnet Service.
    UniVerse error: Unable to bind socket to telnet port 23. It may be used
by other application. WSA error: 10038.
    UniVerse error: Unable to bind socket to uvrpc port. WSA error: 10038.
Ok, I realize what this is telling me...  Obviously, I installed something
or configured something that is running conflict.  My question is...
How do I find out what is running in conflict or what has grabbed port 23?
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.  Tried re-installing the UV engine...
didn't help, nor did I really think it would... just seemed to be a shot in
the dark.

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