Glenn wrote:

> Thanks for your help.  Cool product... But confirmed my fear.
> Nothing had port 23.  As I was working on this, I also found a slew of
> other serious problems regarding my network config...  IE. Spooler not
> network browsing not functioning, mapped drives not
> functioning, other port
> assignments failing...

> Glenn W. Paschal wrote:
>> I am getting the following errors trying to start the Telnet Service.
>>     UniVerse error: Unable to bind socket to telnet port 23. It may
>> be used by other application. WSA error: 10038.
>>     UniVerse error: Unable to bind socket to uvrpc port. WSA
>> error: 10038.

C:\>errmsg 10038
WIN32 API Error (10038) - 'An operation was attempted on something that is
not a socket.'

Sounds like something is screwed.



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