Glenn W. Paschal wrote:

> I am getting the following errors trying to start the Telnet Service.
>     UniVerse error: Unable to bind socket to telnet port 23.
> It may be used
> by other application. WSA error: 10038.
>     UniVerse error: Unable to bind socket to uvrpc port. WSA
> error: 10038.
> Ok, I realize what this is telling me...  Obviously, I
> installed something
> or configured something that is running conflict.  My question is...
> How do I find out what is running in conflict or what has
> grabbed port 23?

Go to and download tcpview.exe.  This tool will show
you in real(ish) time what netstat shows you whenever you run it, except it
also shows the name of the executable associated with each connection.



PS.  Sorry Robert, I couldn't think of a CALLC that would help Glenn on
this! ;^)

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