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> Currently Ubuntu contains two separate sleep functions, suspend and
> hibernate.  This choice confuses users and is a un-necessary complication to
> 'sleeping' the computer.  The proposed change is to combine both 'suspend'
> and 'hibernate' into a single 'sleep' function.  When the user presses
> 'sleep', the computer should both suspend and hibernate simultaneously.  The
> computer remains suspended for a set period of time (e.g. 30min) or until
> the battery charge falls below a set level.  At the point the suspend state
> is discarded, and if  the user wakes the computer after this point their
> state is restored from hibernate.  However if the user wakes the computer
> before the suspend state is discarded, the computer is restored from
> 'suspend' and the 'hibernate' state is discarded.
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Would Ubuntu keep track of hibernation failures, and use that
information to determine that hibernation is not likely to succeed so
the system would just remain in suspend mode? Because it would be
annoying to have your computer shut off, completely losing system
state when you only told it to go to sleep.

Also, if implemented, how about a hidden function where holding down
the Alt key would change the Sleep button into a hibernate button for
the power user who knows exactly what he wants? This is similar to
what Gnome Shell does, except that they're hiding the Shut Down

Jeremy Bicha

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