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> 'sleep', the computer should both suspend and hibernate simultaneously.  The
> computer remains suspended for a set period of time (e.g. 30min) or until
> the battery charge falls below a set level.  At the point the suspend state
> is discarded, and if  the user wakes the computer after this point their
> state is restored from hibernate.  However if the user wakes the computer

Won't this not work at all, given that in S3 nothing runs on the CPU,
and roughly just the RAM should be powered to maintain programs'

I rather like Jeremy's suggestion of hiding Hibernate behind a
modifier key. Isn't that what Windows does too? Users migrating would
then expect it to be to be possible in Ubuntu too, if the computer
supports hibernating.

Now, whether hibernate works correctly or not is another question, but
I think we could further refine checks to make it more likely that it
will work if it's presented as a choice to the user.

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