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> On Tue, Apr 19, 2011 at 8:09 PM, Jason Warner
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> [...]
> > 'sleep', the computer should both suspend and hibernate simultaneously.  The
> > computer remains suspended for a set period of time (e.g. 30min) or until
> > the battery charge falls below a set level.  At the point the suspend state
> > is discarded, and if  the user wakes the computer after this point their
> > state is restored from hibernate.  However if the user wakes the computer
> Won't this not work at all, given that in S3 nothing runs on the CPU,
> and roughly just the RAM should be powered to maintain programs'
> state?

There's generally a timer that can be set to wake the system at the
appropriate time.  You'd set that timer, wake up at the appropriate
time, and then power down.

> I rather like Jeremy's suggestion of hiding Hibernate behind a
> modifier key. Isn't that what Windows does too? Users migrating would
> then expect it to be to be possible in Ubuntu too, if the computer
> supports hibernating.

Hiding menu items behind modifier keys is *really* undiscoverable; I
think it should be avoided wherever possible.

> Now, whether hibernate works correctly or not is another question, but
> I think we could further refine checks to make it more likely that it
> will work if it's presented as a choice to the user.

I think that reliability will be the determining factor in whether this
is usable or not.  This behaviour would be a win if I don't have to
worry that hibernate's not going to work - or that my laptop's going to
wake up in my backpack and then not shut down properly.

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